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College of Tobacco Scienceof Guizhou University

    With the strong support of tobacco industry, in December 2014 College of Tobacco Science was established and developed on the basis of tobacco discipline affiliated to College of Agriculture of Guizhou University.

    As one of the institutions which first run tobacco discipline and conduct scientific researches of tobacco in China, in the early 1940s Guizhou University (originally known as National Guizhou College of Agriculture and Engineering) started scientific research and teaching of tobacco industry; in 1984 commissioned by State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, it offered specialized training classes of tobacco industry for Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Hubei, Shandong Provinces, and at the same time, it began to recruit professional graduate students majoring in tobacco plants; in 1989 approved by the Ministry of Education, it started student recruitment and education in agronomy specialty (tobacco specialization direction); in 2013 approved by the Ministry of Education, the tobacco specialty continued to recruit the undergraduate students.Up to now, the university has cultivated and transported more than 20,000 high-level professional and technical personnel of various types for guizhou and the national tobacco industry.

    Currently,the College of Tobacco Science has two departments of tobacco science and tobacco engineering, and one experimental center. The department of tobacco science is divided into 3 sections of tobacco genetics & breeding, tobacco cultivation physiology & ecology, tobacco safety & comprehensive utilization, and the department of tobacco engineering is divided into 2 sections of tobacco engineering, and tobacco commodity management The College of Tobacco Science has 36 faculty members, and among the staff of 36, there are 28 full-time teachers, including 22 PhD owners, 6 full professors, 12 associate professors, 3 doctoral supervisor, 19 master supervisors, 1 New CenturyExcellent Talent authorized by the Ministry of Education,1 member of the National Instructive Committee of Higher Education under the Ministry of Education, 1 province-managed expert, 1 provincial government special allowance expert, 2 provincial excellent youth science & technology personnel, 1 provincial youth innovative talent.

    Adhering to the principle of serving for Guizhou and China’s development in tobacco industry, College of Tobacco Science is committed to the cultivation of compound talents according to the requirements of tobacco industry, and strives to develop a national specialized education base of tobacco industry featured by “the combination of production, learning, research".

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